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Startdato 2019-12-01

Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer

We’re looking for an ambitious and skilled frontend developer to join a high performing team that takes full responsibility for their platforms, implementing new features, improving performance, and building robust solutions. Most importantly, you’ll improve everyday shopping experiences for our many customers.

What you’ll do

  • Build ecommerce and marketing websites that enable customers in their everyday life 
  • Write easy to understand code that’s resilient, testable and scalable
  • Collaborate closely with others in all phases of development from ideation, design, implementation, deployment and follow up 
  • Continuously improve yourself, the team and our positive culture
  • Be part of a team of 14 that’s working on 3-4 projects simultaneously on average. We range from student developers to highly experienced developers, covering both web and app. 
  • Focus on continuous delivery, getting minimal viable functionality into production instead of long lived development cycles
  • Participate in and contribute to design ideas, innovation, code reviews, test setup (automated), continuous integration, continuous deployment and most importantly objective and constructive discussions

Technologies used

  • Vue.js
  • Nuxt.js
  • Vuetify
  • JAMstack
  • Netlify


  • 3+ years of development experience preferred
  • You are able to work with RESTful API's
  • You are an experienced JavaScript developer, and have preferably used JavaScript bundling tools
  • Familiar with code linting and working to code style standards
  • You have already worked with state containers (Vuex, Redux), CSS preprocessors (Sass, LESS), Webpack
  • It would be an advantage if you have experience with using Jenkins for build and deployment automation
  • Experience working with Git or comparable version control system

Who you are

You are an open minded person who is determined to make a difference. In that, you care about the quality you deliver, and take pride in your work. You fundamentally value the team’s success over personal success. 
As we are a team that works closely with other departments, such as the backend and UX team, you should be a strong communicator who is able to convey your message to others as well as welcome feedback. And being an international department, you must have excellent skills in English, both written and spoken. 

What we offer

Salling Group has an ambitious digital strategy to provide the best customer experience before, during and after purchases whether online or in stores. 

To achieve this, the customers need the best possible experience in our customer-facing solutions. And the Frontend team sets the direction for these solutions, while working closely with UXers, backend and product owners. The team itself owns the tech stack, and takes responsibility for their solutions. Brands in Salling Group we work with include: Bilka, Bilkatogo, føtex, BR, Wupti, Carl’s Jr. and internal product brands. 

We offer an exciting and inspiring job with excellent opportunities for professional and personal development in one of the most innovative departments in Salling Group, the Digital Growth Center. The department offers free sodas and water, foosball table, hackathons and innovation weeks where we leave the day-to-day work assignments and work together in teams to solve cases creatively. We also have an event committee that regularly plan trips to the movies, dinners and other activities such as fishing, gaming nights (digital and analogue) and soccer golf. 

You will get an individually negotiated wage with a wide range of employee benefits – e.g. discount schemes in all of Salling Group’s stores and restaurants.

For more information on the position, please contact Therese Kristiansen, Manager, Frontend –


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