Energy transition

As part of our climate ambition at Salling Group, we have a clear plan for reducing our energy consumption across the group and the three markets we operate in. Specifically, an investment of DKK 2.4 billion on lowering energy consumption and producing our own green energy across our three markets in Denmark, Germany and Poland:

  • Electric heat pumps to replace oil and gas-driven heat sources in 750 Bilka, føtex and Netto stores in Denmark, Germany and Poland
  • Installation of solar panels on a total of 570 existing føtex, Bilka and Netto stores in Denmark, Germany and Poland (buildings whose construction can support the installation), as well as the integration of solar panels on all future constructions of new stores and warehouses
  • Installation of doors on existing refrigerators and freezers in all Netto stores in all three countries (a process føtex and Bilka have almost already completed)
  • Older refrigerators and freezers are being replaced in 725 stores by modern and more energy-efficient models
  • Other energy-reducing initiatives, such as switching to LED lights in the stores.


charging stations for electric cars by 2025

2.4 bn

DKK investment in energy transition


solar cell panels by 2028


new electric heat pumps

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