Salling Group is the Danes' favorite shopping place for household and everyday goods. It is a trust we are proud of and which we take seriously. Because it obliges.

Every day, thousands of people shop in our stores. This places demands on the products we sell and on the 60.000 thousand employees who, in their own way, ensure that there are goods on the shelves. Together, they form the foundation for the entire Salling Group. And is thus the basis for our overall sustainability strategy.

Since 1906, the core of our business has been quality products, good service and responsible behaviour. That has not changed, but the strategy and focus for sustainability have been continually adapted to the challenges we as a society face. Our primary strategic focus priorities are climate and health, because we believe that here we can make a significant difference. All to make it easier for our customers to act more responsibly and live healthier in everyday life. Today and in the future.



People and products

are our foundation

2.4 bn

DKK invested in climate and energy transition

Climate and health

are our priorities


As the largest retail company in Denmark our primary focus will always be on continuing the development of a sustainable business. The global climate challenges are so complex and immense that there is no clear solution to them. Therefore, a sustainable strategy must be revisited and continuously adjusted as we learn more to assess what needs to be prioritised and where we can make the biggest difference, bearing in mind what constitutes our foundation: Our customers, our employees and the products we sell.

We are continually defining a number of focus areas that support our strategic priorities and the four aspects of sustainability: Human rights, social and employee conditions, climate and the environment, and anti-corruption.

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