Food waste

Nearly 2,200 tons of food are thrown away daily in Denmark, and in a large conglomerate like Salling Group, food waste cannot be entirely avoided no matter how much we'd like to. It's detrimental to both the environment and the economy, whether it occurs at home or in the store.

Salling Group has an ambitious goal of reducing our food waste to near-zero percent while simultaneously assisting customers in reducing theirs.

Reducing food waste is thus a significant focus in all aspects of the business that we have direct control over. We are precise in our ordering of products, we reduce prices on items approaching their expiration date, and we are meticulous in handling products during transportation to prevent damage that might render them unsellable in stores.

Fortunately, we have a good collaboration with FødevareBanken, Wefood (Folkekirkens Nødhjælp) and Stop Spild Lokalt, organizations that collect unsellable items that can still be of use. See who else we collaborate with here

This, along with much more, contributes to our ability to reduce many tons of food waste every year.

In 2016, Salling Group was also the first retail company in Denmark to openly publish its food waste figures. Our food waste percentage has been decreasing since then. In 2015, which serves as our baseline, the food waste percentage for our operations in Denmark was 2.81 percent. By 2022, it had decreased to 2.36 percent. We work every day to further decrease this number through inspiring our customers, donations, and a systematic effort.

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